Adoney Associates Limited as a service-oriented consulting firm was established and specialized in training, management and business consulting. The firm provides value-added services to both corporate bodies and public sector in the area of training and development, recruitment/outsourcing, business plan preparation, investment analysis, business development, entrepreneurship/small scale enterprise development and socio- economic research

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Our process of recruitment and selection is second to none. We have result-oriented processes and methodology.

Business Development

Our organization assists to boost your business activities by offering specialized advice on business process, finance, loan administration, research record keeping and others.

Business Plan Preparation

Defining the appropriate roadmap for a business is very crucial. Our organization prepares a winning business plan that will help you shape your business and gives it a sense of direction. Preparation of a business plan is vital for the success of your business.

Investment Analysis

We offer our esteemed customers specialized advice on investment. Detailed study is carried out on categories of investment to minimize the level of risk and guide investment decision making.

Training and Human Capital Development

Personnel improvement in any organization must be given top priority as this will have positive effect on productivity. Our organization uses the best process towards achieving this.

Market Research

We carryout consumer- oriented research on behalf of any organization. In order to deal with people and their constantly changing feelings and behaviors, we gather facts and opinions to find out what people want to buy.


Our establishment embarks on trainings that take the form of open and in-plant workshops. These workshops are attended by different category of participants from managers, executives and the lowest cadre of the organization depends on the training design.
Our goal is to add value to both individuals and organization at large.

Some of our key services are designed to meet the yawning of our esteemed customers.

Free Knowledge Sharing.
Adoney Associates offers free knowledge sharing  to any potential customers as a way to showcase the quality our services at any preferred locationof our clients’ choice.

In-Plant Training.
This training is designed to suit the need of your organization staff. The content can modified to current needs of the participants.

Tailored-Made Training.
Our organisationcan come up with appropriate programme design, after detailed study of your organisation structure.

Open Workshop.
Adoney Associates offers open training workshops for different category of staff with appropriate date, fees per participant for the workshop.

Our Training Department.
Training in Adoney Associates is divided into different units:
Human Capital Management
Finance and accounting
Marketing and sales
Customer Service
Employee development
Communication skills
Change  Management
Business and Strategies Management
Leadership   Development
Professional development
Project management
Security and safety management
Team building
Entrepreneurial skills
Personal development
Business growth and improvement
Business management


  1. Budget Preparation and Control
  2. Production Planning and Control
  3. Road Safety and Accident Prevention
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE)
  5. Logistics and Procurement Management
  6. Application of Quick Book Accounting Software
  7. Project Management
  8. Strategic Warehousing and Stores Management
  9. Accounting System Designs and implementation
  10. Credit Analysis and Management
  11. Credit and Loan Administration
  12. Pre-retirement Training
  13. Information Technology Skills Workshop for Executive officers
  14. Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management with Information Technology
  15. Basic Computer Applications Workshop for Secretaries
  16. Investment and Risk Management
  17. Customer Service and Telephone Ethics
  18. Productivity Improvement
  19. With other customised courses
  20. Branding for success
  21. Negotiation Skills
  22. Risk Management and Business Continuity Plan





  1. Project Management
  2. Customers Service/Relationship Management
  3. Public Finance Management
  4. Road Safety And Accident Prevention
  5. Revenue Generation and Utilization Strategies
  6. Credit Analysis and Management
  7. Policy Design and Management Skills for Management
  8. Specialized Report Writing and Presentation
  9. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  10. Management and Leadership Development for Good Governance for Public Officers
  11. Organization Re-Engineering(Process Re-Engineering)
  12. Pre-Retirement Training
  13. Value Re-Orientation Management
  14. Environmental Management
  15. Transparency and Accountability for Effective Service
  16. Time and Stress Management
  17. Team Building for Peak Performance
  18. Negotiation Skills
  19. Problem Analysis and Decision Making
  20. Leadership and Motivation
  21. Logistics Management
  22. Procurement Management
  23. Plan and Budget Management
  24. Revenue Generation and Utilization Strategies
  25. Capital Budgeting Strategies and Techniques

26.    Work Ethics and Organizational Productivity
27.    Enhancing Organizational Change and Effectiveness
28.    Credit Analysis and Management
29.    Budgeting and Budgetary Control
30.    Financial Management and Expenditure Control
31.    Accounting System Design and Implementation
32.    Wealth Creation and Sustainability
33.    Business Performance Improvement
34.    Project and Investment Planning, Analysis and Appraisal
35.    Investment and Risk Management
36.    Project Monitoring and Evaluation
37.    Management Information System
38.    Project Analysis and Evaluation
39.    Governance and Macro Economics Management
40.    Economic Reform and Global Competitiveness
41.    Macro – Econometric Modelling and Policy Analysis
42.    Marketing Strategies for Competitive Advantage
43.    Strategic Man Power Planning
44.    Women in Management
45.    Managing Suitable Poverty Reduction Schemes
46.    Project Feasibility Analysis and Reporting
47.    Application of Information Technology in Budget Monitoring and Evaluation
48.    Change Management for organizational Performance.  
49.      Public Sector Corporate Governance.
50.    Investment and Risk Management
51.       Building Strategic Thinking Skills for Decision Making
52.       Finance and Accounting for Non Finance Executives
53.       Account Management